Bed Pad - Reusable

A favorite of family caregivers, washable underpads are waterproof bed and furniture protectors that are reusable and last for dozens, if not hundreds, of washings depending on the item. They are primarily used above the sheets as extra protection from nighttime leaks to help greatly reduce linen changes. Most washable underpads are made with three layers: a soft fabric topsheet, an absorbent soaker layer in the middle and a waterproof non-skid backing. They are often used for repositioning the patient on the bed but should not be used for weight-bearing use, i.e. no lifting or transferring off bed. In most cases, caregivers can save money by using washable bed pads instead of disposable ones. Additionally, washable pads are much heavier weight and therefore will not move around as much under the patient at night. Other uses include protecting recliners, wheelchairs, car seat and other furniture.